Monday, May 28, 2007

LeBron James: Witness to Shame

Who really cares about his playoff performance when LeBron is too busy showing us that he's another heartless and soulless NBA superstar. He won't sign a petition for sanctions against China for their support of the Sudanese genocide? I thought that most rational human beings believed that genocide was wrong. Oh, ok. It's for a shoe deal. Michael Jordan did it, too...

I think that it is about time that rich, immature children like LeBron and countless professional athletes before him need to get a head on their shoulders. Sure that 90 million dollar shoe deal is nice, but every paycheck LeBron gets is going to be covered in the blood of victims of the Darfur genocide. Dikembe Mutumbo, Mike Miller, and Ira Newble make a fraction of what James does and they are making more a difference in society?

LeBron says he wants to be Muhammad Ali, but here is a better comparison:

"Republicans buy shoes too."

Know who said that? Michael Jordan. While Ali gave his body and soul to fighting for what he thought was right, our "superstars" today care for nothing else but money, property, and occaisionally, as it seems, dogfighting. Michael Jordan's lack of social awareness and concern evidently is not an anomoly as some once predicted. It looks like our generation's superstars are not much better.

LeBron needs to be exposed as a fraud. He may be the King, but he rules in a burning court.


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